Zero Fee On-Chain Trading Protocol

Multi-Chain protocol with Liquidity Mining, DeFi Token Offering, and DEX Aggregation. All that power to DeFi with zero fee using Transaction Fee Mining.

ZeroSwap Features

Economical trades with Gasless transactions. Send and receive tokens instantly.
Zero Fee
Make an exchange at zero cost, we do not charge any fee..
A unanimous governance mechanism to adapt decentralised network changes over time.
Earn rewards from liquidity mining and every time you make a trade.
DEX Aggregation
Access to liquidity from all existing decentralised liquidity providers.
Developer Friendly
Easily integrate with your existing workflows

How will Gasless transactions be executed?

We will use meta transactions for gasless transactions, initially, we will bootstrap the gas, later using transaction fee mining the relayer will get ZEE tokens for gasless transactions.

What Chains would be supported?

We are building on Ethreum, Binance Smart Chain and Elrond for now. Going forward we will support more chains.

What are the rewards for trading and liquidity mining?

ZeroSwap protocol will reward users every time they make an on-chain trade and provide liquidity to existing AMMs.

What are our Fees?

We do not charge any fee, the transactions are executed at zero fee.

What is transaction fee mining

Transaction fee mining is a process by which tokens are generated every time there is a trade.

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